There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing all the fantastic women wearing our jewellery. It is you who enable and inspire us to continue to create trend-conscious and high-quality jewellery.

We believe in today’s women and in all ways possible we are aiming to:

Celebrate and Inspire, with the ultimate goal to empower women

The SAFIRA shine vision is built upon three powerful and meaningful values. These values are a part of everything we do, from the design and creation of our jewellery to the final launch. It reminds us of the greater why and motives us to keep on empowering women


We want every woman to be herself and to feel inspired and confident, no matter who she is, where she is or how she looks. But even with this vision, we’re not forgetting about the existing pressure on how, especially women, should look like to be considered beautiful. The fashion industry can be harsh and unfortunately, it contributes to the many beauty ideals of today, some more unhealthy than others. We are well aware that we sometimes, unintentionally, contribute to some of those ideals. But we are committed to be better - we will be better.


We strongly believe that jewellery is a way for self-expression, no matter the occasion. What you wear on the outside is merely a way to enhance your beauty and confidence. It might sound like a cliché but it could not be more true - beauty comes from within and you will shine the most when you are confident with who you are. That means - stop trying to be perfect and instead embrace and enjoy yourself ♥


Okay let’s face it, sometimes it is not easy to feel confident and strong even if you want to. But the good news is - you are not alone. There is a whole community waiting to shine together with you. We believe in supporting and celebrating each other and by doing so you are not only making someone else happy, you’ll give yourself a friendly boost.

Do you want to help us spread some shine? Start with a small gesture in your surrounding. Why not tell your sister, daughter or mother how much you appreciate them, write a friendly comment on your BFF’s latest post, surprise your stressed colleague with a nice cup of coffee or maybe write a thank you note to your female role model and tell her how much she inspires you. Together, we can make hearts happy.

look good, make good

At Safira, we are committed to contribute to a positive change in the world by bringing more sympathy, support and empowerment to people who need it the most. We want to help people and organizations that we strongly believe in. Our way of doing this is through our “look good, make good” initiative where 10% of the revenue from selected jewellery are donated to different charity organizations every year.

By wearing jewellery from the “look good, make good” initiative you can feel confident that you are looking good but at the same time feel proud about that we together give back to an organization that is doing something very important for the world. Wear it loud and proud!

March-September 2020, January-June 2021: Plan International 10% of the revenue from the Empower Women collection where donated to Plan International. It is one of the largest children's rights organizations in the world, with activity in more than 75 countries. They are fighting for an equitable world that reinforces children's rights long term, but also before, during and after a crisis. Since girls are one of the most discriminated groups in the world, Plan International has a special focus on equality and girl's rights. All of the work that the organization carries out, is based on the United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child - because every child has a right to go to school, get their voice heard and live in a safe environment.

Read more about Plan International here

October-December 2020: The Swedish Breast Cancer Association October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research. As we're a brand with mostly female customers, this is something we feel very strongly about and want to support in the ways we can. During October to December Safira donated 10% of the sales from all jewellery included in the "look good, make good" initiative to the Swedish Breast Cancer Association.

Read more about The Swedish Breast Cancer Association here