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Jewellery care

How to take care of your jewellery

All our jewellery designs are made of sterling silver and plated with a super thick layer of 18-24k gold. We want you to love and wear your Safira jewellery for years, so to make them look their best, here are some caring tips

Avoid exposure to water and chemicals

If you often expose your jewellery to water and chemicals it can affect the longevity of the lustre and gold plating. The plating might eventually start to peel off and the silver underneath gets revealed, rings are particularly sensitive since they are more exposed.

To prevent this we recommend you to first put on makeup, perfume, body sprays and/or lotion, wait a few minutes for it to settle and then put on your jewellery. Believe us when we say that we are pro wearing jewellery all day and every day - but we do highly recommend you to take off your jewellery when in contact with water or if you are reapplying any of the chemicals mentioned above.

Cleaning and storing

Remember to occasionally clean your jewellery. We recommend using a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth to gently rub the surface. By doing so you’ll restore the shine of your jewellery. You can also use some lukewarm water and a little soap/dish soap and gently clean the jewellery piece. Don’t use any polishing agent or such - especially important for gold plated jewellery. And, your jewellery stays happy if you store them separately to avoid scratches from your other pieces. Just keep them in their original box or in an airtight container.

Cleaning sterling silver

The easiest way to make your silver jewellery look new again is simply to clean it with some lukewarm water and a little soap/dish soap. But if that doesn’t give you the result you wish for, follow the steps below:

  1. Place aluminium foil in the bottom of a bowl or larger mould. Sprinkle a little baking powder.

  2. Place your jewellery of silver or copper that you want to clean.

  3. Cover them with more baking powder.

  4. Pour over boiling water. Don’t be scared if it starts to bubble, it’s just the carbonate that emits carbon dioxide when combined with water.

  5. Wait until the water has cooled. Lift up the clean jewellery and rinse them with water.

  6. Wipe the jewellery completely dry with a cotton cloth and then polish the jewellery’s lustre with a silver cloth.

A caring checklist

  • Avoid contact with chemicals and water

  • In your daily routine - put on your jewellery as the last step

  • Store your jewellery separately in the original box or in an airtight container

  • Occasionally clean your jewellery to get rid of dirt, makeup residue, and skin oils.