Real gold and silver Gift box included


SAFIRA's vision is to create jewellery that's produced in a sustainable way and can be worn for a long time. We want sustainability to have the same amount of attention in our work with design och quality as it has in reducing climate impact.



Increasing the amount of recycled materials used in our production is close to our hearts. We want to increase the share of jewellery in our assortment that contains recycled material as well as the amount of recycled metal in each piece of jewellery. Today, our recycled pieces are made from 95% recycled material.

Out of the jewellery currently in stock, 44% are made from recycled materials. We want to raise that number to 100%. One step towards that goal is new contracts with our subcontractors where guarantees for use of recycled materials is a requirement. Currently, 65% of all newly produced jewellery are made from recycled silver.


Our work with sustainability revolves around more than production. We want to encourage our customers to more climate-smart choices and therefore offer a lot of delivery alternatives with less climate impact.

We are packing our products per order instead of per product. This creates fewer parcels and limited use of unnecessary plastic and paper resources.


SAFIRA is since 2021 working actively with Planetly to in a modern way use technology to improve our environmental work. We are working more efficiently with tracking and neutralization of our carbon footprints as well as optimizing the interaction between environment, governance and social responsibility. Read more about Planetly here.



Increased consumption within fast fashion and trends makes us take a bigger responsibility and make it easier for our customers to make environmentally conscious choices.

An initiative we're therefore looking forward to getting started is the SAFIRA Recycling Program. This program will include a recycling service where we will be able to offer our customers to return their old jewellery in exchange for a voucher to buy new jewellery with. The old jewellery will be melted down and become a new fine piece of SAFIRA jewellery.

We will start on a small scale with Sweden as a trial market where we'll be able to offer an easy process to make our customers recycle jewellery that is no longer worn.

SAFIRA will be greener, smarter and more conscious.

More to come in 2022.