1. How do I pay?

Choose the payment method that suits you best!

  1. PayPal. In your account you add the direct debit card you are using with PayPal. When you pay with PayPal, you only need your e-mail address and password. You don’t have to key in your card details each time you shop. No charge is added.
  2. Card payment. VISA/MASTERCARD. The money is withdrawn from your account immediately after the order is made. Secure transaction with Auriga ePayment and 3D-Secure. No charge is added.
  3. Klarna Invoice and Part Payment. We send an invoice by e-mail from Klarna together with the delivery of your goods. Payment terms are 14 days unless otherwise stated. You also have the opportunity to part pay with Klarna. You decide how much you want to pay each month. More information is provided on your invoice. 
  4. Direct payment Online Banking. The money is withdrawn from your account immediately after the order is made. No charge is added.

25% VAT is included in all prices. No other charges in addition to those included under respective payment method and shipment option are added.

2. Why can’t I pay against invoice?

There can be several reasons why your purchase is not accepted when you choose the Klarna Invoice payment method.

  1. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase against invoice.
  2. The address you enter must be the address at which you are registered in. 
  3. You have exceeded the maximum amount for invoice payment, contact Klarna here.
  4. You have entered incorrect information. 
  5. Klarna has not approved your credit. Contact Klarna here or choose another payment method with us.

3. Why can’t I pay with card?

Make sure you have entered the correct information. You may have entered the wrong security code. Check your code at the online bank or by contacting your bank office. 3D-Secure is a security solution for card payments online. It has been developed by Visa and MasterCard to identify cardholders when shopping. After the consumer has filled in their card details, they are identified by receiving a code that only the cardholder knows. With 3D-Secure it is the card issuing bank, and not the sales company, which carries the financial risk of possible fraud. Identification with 3D-Secure is included as standard for all card payments with Auriga ePayment.


4. How long does the delivery take?

Waiting for an online order can feel like an eternity. Sooo, at Safira we want you to get your jewellery fast, so you can use them straight away! Therefore, your order will be shipped within 1 day. Delivery times vary depending on which delivery option you choose. With Express Delivery, your order only takes 1-2 business days. With Standard Delivery, it takes between 2 - 6 business days.

5. How much are the delivery costs?

NOTE: Customs and VAT are not included outside the EU. The cost of delivery varies depending on which delivery option you choose and what country you shop from. You can see the cost immediately after you have made your choice at the Checkout.


6. I haven’t received an order confirmation via e-mail!

Send us a quick e-mail to support@safira.com with your information and we will send you a new e-mail confirmation. Make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address.