Real gold and silver Gift box included



Sustainability in production is of utmost importance to us. We actively work to set standards for and maintain strong collaborations with our producers. Safira's jewellery always carries hallmark stamps as evidence of the material's authenticity. We adhere to the regulations on control and marking of precious metals set forth by the Swedish Technical Research Institute (SWEDAC). All our jewellery is designed at our office in Stockholm. Creating exceptional jewellery is a true art, with each piece meticulously crafted by our carefully chosen partners in Italy and Thailand.


One of our core objectives is to increase the proportion of recycled metals used in production. We aim to both expand the range of jewellery made from recycled materials and raise the percentage of recycled metals in each individual piece. Today, over 80% of our jewellery is crafted from recycled 925 genuine sterling silver and genuine gold ranging from 18 to 24 karats.


We encourage our customers to make environmentally conscious choices and, therefore, offer various delivery options with lower carbon footprints. The paper we use is FSC certified, and 100% of the material is recyclable. Each order is delivered with a presentation box. Should you desire an additional gift packaging, we offer you the option to purchase gift boxes. We do this to minimise our environmental impact.