Real gold and silver Gift box included

recycled material


All our jewellery is crafted from authentic 925 sterling silver, while our gold pieces feature a genuine silver core plated with a thick layer of 18-24 karat gold. We deliberately select these materials for their superiority over other metals, such as brass. Both gold and silver demonstrate greater resistance to tarnishing and oxidation, ensuring the longevity of our jewellery. Furthermore, these metals possess fewer allergenic properties, minimising the likelihood of discomfort for those with sensitive skin. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality and an exceptional experience for our customers is reflected in our choice of precious metals.


Gold-plating involves the application of a genuine gold layer onto another metal, in our case, authentic 925 sterling silver. Our products are always marked with hallmarks as evidence of their material authenticity, adhering to the standards set by the Swedish Technical Research Institute (SWEDAC). We aim to create a 100% recycled jewellery collection, and currently, over 80% of our pieces are crafted from recycled silver.


The majority of our pearls are sourced from freshwater varieties. Each freshwater pearl is unique, with its own individual shape, colour, and size, as it is a biologically-formed gem. As a result, your pearl jewellery may exhibit slight variations from the product image. In cases where synthetic pearls are used in our jewellery, this information will be clearly mentioned in the product description.


Genuine gemstones are a variety of minerals that naturally develop below the Earth's surface, with some being more scarce than others. Our jewellery collection features an array of gemstones, including diamonds, moonstones, quartz, citrine, agate, and more. The specific type of gemstone used in each piece is always detailed in the product description.


Cubic zirconia, a manufactured gemstone, comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours and is prominently featured in most of our jewellery pieces. Notable for its hardness and high resistance to wear, cubic zirconia is a durable stone that is difficult to scratch or damage.


Synthetic stones, created in laboratories, closely resemble natural stones while possessing the same physical and chemical attributes as their natural counterparts.


Simulated gemstones are artificially crafted to mimic the appearance of genuine gemstones, without being natural. These imitations can be created using various materials, shapes, and colours. Examples of simulated gemstones include cubic zirconia, glass stones, and Nano Stones.

For example, Nano Stones serve as an exceptional alternative to natural gemstones due to their consistent colour, hardness, and lustre closely resembling those of genuine stones. This makes them highly resistant to scratching or damage.

Glass stones, another type of simulated gemstone, are crafted from natural minerals that are ground and polished to produce a gleaming surface. Each stone possesses a distinct colour and pattern, making them a favoured choice among jewellery makers for their adaptability and resilience.


Our jewellery incorporates authentic silver and gold, which are precious metals known for their hypoallergenic properties. This makes them less likely to trigger allergic reactions compared to other metals like brass. Both 925 sterling silver and 18k gold are alloyed with other metals, such as copper and zinc, to enhance their hardness and durability. While copper and zinc are also hypoallergenic, you may still experience an allergic reaction if you are sensitive to these metals or others present in gold jewellery. If you are specifically allergic to gold, gold-plated jewellery may not be a suitable alternative, as it still features a layer of genuine gold.