Sizing Guide

Necklace lenghts

The picture shows a general estimate of lengths. [cm]

Necklace size guide
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Ring sizes

The table shows general size estimations. [mm]

Ring size guide
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Are you looking for a ring that's glam or everyday, party or chic? With our practical Ring Guide, you will find the right size and the right fit. Ring sizes are measured in different ways in different parts of the word. In some countries, they measure the inner circumference of the ring, while in others they measure the inner diameter. At Safira we indicate ring sizes by the inner diameter.

Method 1

Print this diagram and simply match up one of your rings with the circles below.

Method 2

Tie a thread around the finger you want to measure. Don’t tie it too tight. Then measure the length of the thread in mm. The length of the thread corresponds to your size. Round off according to the table.

Method 3

Use a ring that fits and measure its inner measure using a measuring tape or a ring mandrel. Round off according to the table.

Method 4

Order Safira's ring sizer. The ring sizer will be sent to you by post and you can try out the right ring size at home. E-mail us at with a request and we'll send you one!